Troubled marriages or relationships are sometimes a hard thing to deal with, if you don’t know how to go about it. How do you know if you are ready for the future and all that it holds?  Will the relationship or marriage last or are you destined to be with another person?  Is this the common occurrence that life has to be like?

I have lost 2 kids in a previous marriage and knowing that I can’t be there with them, disturbs me each day. But, we all have to move on with whom we are with and grow within ourselves for the better as.

I wondered today if  we are to have the same fate as are parents when it comes to our relationships.  So many things to decipher here.  What if our current situation with our partners or spouses are only contracted for a  certain time in life until we move on to the next.  I really don’t like to think of that idea especially if kids are involved.

We try to make things work until our last breathe it seems. But how long will this have to be.  I love the new Mariah Carey song. The revised  title named. “I want to know what love is”  Remember that one?  She sings it so well. Give it a listen to if you have a chance. Here is a sample:

It brings the song back in a whole new light from the original and it makes you wonder if you have really experienced true love in your lives. Can you say that spouse or partner “wows” you every time you see them? Like “wow,  she is just a wonderful person and I thank God I have him or her in my life.  Is it exciting to see them every day with that electricity that was once felt early on in the relationship?

Nevertheless, if you have found that “wowness” in your relationship then try to do everything you can to keep it because it doesn’t come around often!